Regular Maintenance

Regular Pool Maintenance

We’re here to take away all the stress of owning a swimming pool. Everyone loves a pool or a spa but it comes with a huge list of responsibilities if you’d like it to stay squeaky clean. From regularly checking the water PH levels or adding chlorine to cleaning out leaves and scrubbing tiles, there is a never ending list of things to do to keep your water clean and safe for swimming. There is a fine balance in managing pool chemicals to ensure your water does not grow algae or bacteria. The environment needs to be harsh enough so these microorganisms cannot grow but pure enough that so its safe for your friends and family to enjoy. As a pool owner you probably have enough on your plate with family, friends, work, chores, kids, sports, etc. As a family business we know how you feel! Reclaim your free time and let us take care of your swimming pool on a monthly or weekly basis. This will free up your schedule so you can spend more time swimming in your pool rather than cleaning it! 

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We also manage spas and jacuzzis across Newcastle so don’t hesitate to call if you’re in the market for a hot tub maintenance. As the water in spas is around 40 degrees it is more prone to certain types of bacteria. Therefore the amount of bromine and chlorine in the water needs to be higher than that of your pool to maintain correct alkalinity levels. This is a fine line because if the acidity is too high it can cause irritation to your skin and eyes. Leave it to the experts to ensure your pool and spa and sparkling clean all year round. We are happy to customise our service to suit your needs so give us a call today for a no obligation quote.