Green Pool Treatment

Green Pool Treatment

If your pool water has turned green it is most likely due to a build up of Algae in the water. Aglae is fast growing and if left unattended in your pool can spread quickly and turn your beautiful blue pool into a green stew. The most common reason we see for an algae outbreak is low chlorine levels. If the levels drop too low for even a day an algae outbreak can start and take over your pool in no time. There’s nothing worse than taking your pool cover off in hopes off having a swim this weekend only to find your pool looks like Shrek’s swamp. If all this sounds familiar don’t distress! We have years of experience cleaning green pools and we’ll have you swimming in sparkling clear water in no time. Whether you would like us to take care of it or you’d like to attempt a recovery yourself, here is a quick guide to the process below.

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before grenn pool filled with algae

The most effective way of clearing this is to shock the unwanted algae with a chlorine boost or algaecide product. For a 40,000 litre pool you will need approximately 500 grams of Algaecide. We recommend ‘Bioguard Burn Out’ followed up with ‘Bioguard Algi Destroyer’. When using this treatment make sure to turn your filter and pump on to circulate the water properly. Leave them both running for 12 hours after treatment to ensure all the algae and bacteria is destroyed. If your water is still cloudy afterwards, try introducing ‘Clarifying Tablets’ to clear this. Knowing how much chemicals to use depends on both the size of your pool and the stage or algae growth and color. If you’d like us to assist you in returning your pool to its former glory give us a call on 0450 472 055 and we’ll be happy to give you advice or a quote for service.