Filter Cleaning & Repair

Filter Cleaning & Repair

Your pool filter is the main component for keeping your water fresh and circulating. If it isn’t functioning properly your pool will gather dirt and leaves and most likely start growing algae within a few days. There are several different types of filters including cartridge, sand, or diatomaceous earth (D.E). Each kind requires a different level of maintenance and cleaning methods. We have dealt with each of these over the years and have an intimate understanding of how to ensure their functionality and longevity. You may want to clean your filter yourself but if you ever need professional maintenance whether it’s a once off or on a monthly basis, we are ready and willing to help. The most common type of pool filter we deal with (and likely the type that you have) is the ‘Cartridge filter’. 

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Before you start make sure to turn off the pool pump. Release the air from the system by turning the valve on the top. Unclick any clips or clamps that your filter has holding it in place. If you can’t find them all check the manual for your model. Now that it’s unclipped, take off the top of the filter. Slowly pull out the cartridge and inspect it for wear and tear. If you see any cracks or splits it may be time to replace it. If it’s still in good nick and just needs a clean use a tight setting on your hose and spray down each pleat of the filter. Check the O- ring on the tank to make sure it’s still in tact. You can actually increase the lifespan of your O-rings by applying lubricant. We also offer regular Pool maintenance services.