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Whether you need a once off service or regular maintenance. We have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to ensure your pool stays fresh all year round. Pool cleaning and maintenance has a lot ‘below the surface’ that needs professional attention. Including balancing chemicals, acid washing and filter cleaning, repair and installation. Just to name a few! Having a sparkling clean pool all year round takes consistent care and effort. These elements are the difference between a crystal clear pool all year round and a green swamp. Pool cleaning may not be the most glamorous job but we take the utmost care to be sure you’re completely satisfied with our work and will call us back in the future.

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We are proud to service one of New South Wales most sought after beach front cities, Newcastle. Whether it’s clearing out dirt and leaves, scrubbing tiles or balancing chlorine levels, we take every step carefully to make sure your pool is as clean as a whistle before the job is complete. 

newcastle swimming pool after cleaning and chlorine

Years of local experience

After years of keeping swimming pools fresh acrossNewcastle we have serviced everything from empty bowls with dirt and mold to olympic sized swimming pools in need of weekly maintenance. Whether you need your first spa check up or a complete drain and re-fill we are standing by with the knowledge and experience to complete the job at professional standards.

A large portion of our customers come from word of mouth and we are proud to have received so much positive feedback over the years. We put our reputation on the line every time we visit your home and can guarantee our customer service is unmatched. By sourcing and supplying such a wide range of chemicals you can be sure we have the correct solvents for your pool whether it be salt chlorine salt or minerals. If you would like to change the water system in your pool we can provide a complete draining and refill service with new chemicals to create the perfect PH balance.

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Crystal Clear Water

All year round, sticks, leaves and debris find their way into swimming pools. Keeping up with skimming off these unwanted presents from mother nature can be a tedious task. However it’s important to stay on top of the cleanliness of your pool all year round even when it is not being used during winter. If it is left dirty for weeks or months at a time the debris starts to break down and can contaminate your water to the point that it’s not safe to swim in. Something often looked over by DIY pool cleaners is scrubbing the edges where the water level meets the tiles. 

This area is prone to a build up of grime that needs regular attention to stay clean. If you are attempting this yourself make sure to double check other areas with poor water circulation such as the stairs or ladders as mould tends to thrive in such spots. We have a monthly swimming pool maintenance service available that includes scooping and vacuuming all unwanted floaties, adding chlorine and testing PH alkalinity, tile scrubbing, emptying/repairing filters and green pool algae treatment. The best way to keep your friends and family safe whilst using the pool in spring ssummer, is to keep it in a fresh and sterile condition all year round. This way when the sun comes out you don’t have to worry about having a green pool with a bunch of bugs floating around on the surface. 

Filter Cleaning & Repairs

Your swimming pools filter system is an integral part of keeping fresh and well balanced water. Regular checks on the cleanliness and efficiency of your filter will help increase it’s life span and save you money in the long term. Replacing a filter can be a costly experience which we can help you avoid with regular check ups. The filters right hand man is the pool pump. Just like your heart pumps blood around your body and your liver filters out the salt and alcohol, your pool pump circulates water through the filter and cleans out unwanted contaminants. Knowing this you can imagine how much residue builds up inside the cartridge of these filters. If left unattended the system cannot function properly or in some cases will break and require replacement. 

pool cleaner with vacumm and filter
child swimming in pool underwater blue tiles

If you have several trees and bushes near your pool or hanging over the water you may want to consider a pool vacuum to help your filter stay on top of the extra debris. Depending on what kind of plants you have in your backyard and even your neighbor’s yard you may find certain leaves sink to the bottom and escape your filtration system. This is where a robotic vacuum comes in handy by sucking these pieces out before they break down and start changing the colour of your pool water. In general an automatic pool cleaner is more expensive than a manually controlled one. However as the name suggests the ‘robotic’ cleaners move around the bottom of your pool or spa autonomously which saves you doing it by hand.

Chlorine & PH Testing

Balancing the PH chemical levels of your water is an essential part of a beautiful looking pool. It’s not only key for crystal clear water but also for the safety of the swimmers. If your pool has unwanted mould or bacteria (which isn’t always obvious) it can very easily get into their mouth, eyes or nose or your kids and cause them to become unwell. When checking the PH of your pool you ideally want to see a value between 7.2 and 7.8. If you have a salt water pool the water is subject to other contaminates such as iron, calcium and copper. Several factors including weather and water type can effect how often your pool needs to be balanced. This balance is somewhat of a fine art and is best left to the professionals.
ph chlorine level tester in swimming pool
acid wash pool cleaner with hose

If the inner walls of your swimming pool have discolouration patches that seem impossible to remove just by scrubbing. You may need to consider an acid wash for your pool. Acid washing is not something that is done regularly and can actually damage your tiles or concrete if done incorrectly. If you’re wondering ‘how to acid wash my pool’ you’ve come to the right place! We have years of experience with this intensive cleaning method with almost every type of pool surface. We’ll give you a quick overview of how it is done but this is something that is best left to the professionals lest you permanently bleach your pool walls. 

Also known as a ‘drain and clean’, an acid wash involves completely draining your swimming pool, then soaking the walls in a highly corrosive mineral called muriatic acid. It needs to be mixed correctly with water, splashed onto the desired area and the promptly removed. Leaving this mixture on for too long can eat into the sides of your pool and cause long term damage. After doing the whole pool, one 3-4 meter section at a time, we have to neutralise the walls with soda ash to ensure no acid remains inside. See our partner pool cleaning St George. This will leave a foaming puddle in the deep end which must also be completely removed before re-filling your pool with water and balancing the PH with salt or chlorine. If attempting this yourself be sure to wear protective goggles, masks, gloves and even boots to ensure no acid touches your skin. As you can probably sense this is not something most people risk doing themselves. This sounds like an expensive task but can actually done for a few hundred dollars depending on the size and state of your pool or spa.

Reclaim your sparkling clean pool

Coming home to a sparkling clean pool allows you to relax after a long day. It means it’s always ready to dive in and will be clean and clear for the whole family to enjoy.  We’re passionate about keeping Newcastle’s pools in pristine condition all year round. If you have any questions about any of the cleaning methods we use or the costs for a single visit or even monthly maintenance, be sure to call the team today so we can help return your pool to it’s fresh sparkling state

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